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5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score. Bookmark and Share

When shopping for a mortgage one important thing to consider is your credit score. A score above 620 is desirable as it provides more attractive mortgage rates. Here are some factors that could improve your credit score.


1. Improve your Payment History.

It is very important to pay your credit card charges on time? 

2. Lower the amount you owe.

 If you have several accounts, make sure you have a good proportion of balances to the amount of credit limits.

3. Start your credit history early.

The longer you have credit card accounts, the better.

4. Limit your new credit.

New credit cards or installment payments are considered risky, even if you make payments on time.

5. Diversify your credit.

 It is recommended to have different type of credit. The ideal combination is a mortgage, credit cards and installment loans, like car loans.

6. Check your credit score often.

Use one of the free credit report sites like or go to where you can receive up-to-date credit reports,credit scores and credit monitoring, advanced identity theft protection and fraud support services.

Protect yourself against identity theft.
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